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Mandatory volunteering in youth sports is a topic that often sparks debate.

 However, there are several compelling reasons why it can be beneficial for

the sports programs, the volunteers, and most importantly, the children

involved. Here’s an argument in favor of mandatory volunteering:



1. Ensuring Program Sustainability: Youth sports programs often operate on

tight budgets and rely heavily on volunteer support to function. Mandatory

volunteering ensures that there are always enough hands to manage events,

maintain facilities, and provide a safe and organized environment for children

to play sports.



2. Promoting Equity and Inclusion: When volunteering is mandatory, all

families contribute to the workload, preventing a scenario where the same

few individuals carry the burden for everyone. This promotes a fair

distribution of responsibilities and prevents volunteer burnout.



3. Building Community and Team Spirit: Volunteering brings parents and

guardians closer to their children’s activities, fostering a stronger sense of

community and team spirit. It encourages collaboration and social interaction

among families, which can lead to a more cohesive and supportive sports




4. Enhancing Children’s Experience: Children benefit when their parents are

involved. Seeing their parents take an active role can boost children’s morale

and show them the value of contributing to a community. It also provides a

model of civic engagement and responsibility that they can carry into




5. Developing Skills and Leadership: Volunteering can be a learning

experience for the parents as well. They can develop new skills, take on

leadership roles, and gain a deeper understanding of the sport and what it

takes to run a successful program.




6. Aligning with National Strategies: The National Youth Sports Strategy

recognizes the importance of volunteerism in creating accessible and

inclusive youth sports programming. It calls for community support and

volunteer engagement to improve youth sports participation and access,

highlighting the role everyone has to play in improving the youth sports




In conclusion, while mandatory volunteering may require some adjustment,

its benefits are far-reaching. It supports the operational needs of youth sports

programs, fosters a sense of community, enhances the experience for the

children, and aligns with broader goals of inclusivity and participation in

youth sports.

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